National team of Uzbekistan defeated «Moscow Dragons»

On the 2-nd of November National university of Uzbekistan hosted friendly match between Uzbekistan and Russian rugby club with strong name «Moscow Dragons». Rugby is rather exotic and not so popularized sport in Uzbekistan. And our rugby fans are not so spoiled with international games of that level, so we were very glad to host this match. It should be noted that rugby in Asia is different from rugby played in European region by its style speed and even understanding of rugby is different.

So it was good experience for Uzbek team to except the challenge of the team from European region. Nice weather with sunshine matched the festive mood of the crowd of rugby supporters. After anthems and welcoming opening speech of the President of Uzbekistan Rugby Federation — The chairman of foreign relations Committee of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sodiq Safoyev, main match official referee R.Mukumov had blown his whistle.

From the first minute of the game you could feel the passion among the teams, though it was a friendly match none of the teams wanted to give any point and chances for victory away. Dominance of Moscow team was obvious from the first minute, as they shut Uzbek team in their twenty two meter line. But by the fifth minute of the game fast Uzbek attack forced «Moscow Dragons» to make a mistake, and Uzbeks taken 3 point from the penalty kick. Great support and the roar of the stadium were inspiring our players. With a next penalty «Moscow Dragons» leveled the score, which remained invariable till 24th minute of the game. During the next attack of Uzbekistan Dragons got penalized again and allowed Uzbekistan to lead the score 6:3. After that episode Russians continued to pressure Uzbek team with multiphase attack, which culminated with unconverted try. The score is 6:8. For another 15 minutes score remained invariable until on the last seconds of first half «Moscow Dragons» demonstrated drop goal. Half time score UZB 6:11 MD

We don’t know what has been said during half time break, but pace and tactics of the game have completely change. Teams started to use mainly «backs» for their attacks, back three were tested with a high ball, and both teams were waiting for small mistake to punish each other. Felt like there was no first half with big hits of forward players, teams came back to the pitch fresh and ready for the battle. Lighter and faster Uzbek backs managed to finish their several attacks successfully and scoreboard was showing 28:16. But experienced Russian forwards after multiphase attack scored another beautiful try, but failed to convert.

Traditional «Third half» was held in «Bavaria Plaza» pub, «Moscow Dragons» had their summarizing event where they had numbers of nominees in different categories who were punished, some of them rewarded by «Dragons tequila». They use the same things: Salt, Lime and tequila, but you have to sniff the salt, squeeze lime into your eyes and then drink tequila. Only in rugby, players are enemies on the pitch and good friends, community or even family with high respect to each other off the pitch!

On Sunday «Moscow Dragons» left to Samarkand. After sightseeing, traditional BAZAR and diner at local CHAYHONA they’ve finished their tour.
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