Congratulations to new president of URF in British embassy

On August 14, the British Ambassador of Uzbekistan George Edgar organized a dinner on the occasion of the appointment of Senator Sadiq Safaev as the new president of Rugby Federation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. George Edgar congratulated Senator on his appointment and wished success to Uzbekistan in the development of rugby. The Ambassador noted that rugby union has appeared in England in early 19th century and today this sport is well-known all over the world, because it is played from South America to Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Ambassador and Senator discussed all details of a rugby game with experts presenting at the event. Recall that in 2009, the International Olympic Committee voted in favor of the inclusion of rugby in the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. At the programme Olympics 2016, it was decided to include rugby-7, which is different from «big» rugby with shorter duration of the match — two halves of seven minutes and fewer players — each team playing seven (three attackers and four defenders), but not 15 players. Variety rugby-7 was born in Scotland and requires from players the greater mobility and speed than in the classic rugby.